The best way to get to know someone is to survive a single engine plane crash with them while on a Hawaiian sight seeing tour à la Swept Away (2002).   Plane rentals aren't too expensive, and I've seen enough episodes of Naked and Afraid to know how to start a fire using only some twigs, the sun, and a blowtorch.

For this whole thing to be effective, we'll have to spend at least Six Days Seven Nights in the wilderness getting really creative with leaves. That's a long time to spend secluded with a total stranger, so here are some things we could do to pass the time:

Things We Can Talk About


You see me from across the room.  You see my graphic tee, unbuttoned flannel, and chinos.  You know... this guy listens to comedy podcasts. 


Ask me about "Flims Day," a two day event of non-stop films, flims, and flams.


Super 8 cameras, newspaper misprints, radio shows hosted by puppets.  I like all thinks wacky and weird.

Things We Can Do Together

Play Chess

I try to lose a game of chess every day.  Play me any time!

Make Lost References

"Dude, you have some Arzt on you."

Build a Friggin Raft

What if we could gamify raft building?????